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intense pulsed light + ice cooling technology

An Intense Pulsed Light handset (IPL) is a modern hair removal system that uses a
pulse of a bright light on the treatment area to stop hair growth.

An intense flash of a bright LED light forced melanin in a hair folicle to enter a period of dormancy and delays the growth of hair.

Multiple studies worldwide have proven the safety and effectiveness of an IPL for hair removal. With this strong record of safety and successful treatments an IPL has gained in popularity as a home use device for hair removal.  

Since an IPL generates a flash of light it does generate heat and it is bright. To soothe the skin from the heat, our IPL has a breakthrough cooling system that cools the skins down from the flash intensity. The soothing action of the cooling system makes the use of MAYA IPL painless. Also, our IPL has 5 intensity setting to manage the effectiveness and sensitivity of your skin to the treatment. We recommend the use of the supplied
goggles for the eyes.

Response to IPL and Laser hair treatments can vary with each individual even when performed at professional clinics. The success from IPL treatments depends a lot on several individual factors like hair and skin color etc. For best results, we recommend the use of the MAYA IPL twice a week for 8 weeks when first starting the treatment following up with 1 use every 2 months for maintenance 

It is highly recommended to wear dark glasses while using the MAYA IPL device. We have provided a pair of dark googles in the box. One must never look directly into the LED light as it flashes.  

Even though individual results vary, most see the first effects of treatment within 2-3 weeks while using the MAYA IPL.   

An IPL handset can be used on the whole body, including your face however do not use it close to your eyes and always wears protective dark glasses to protect the eyes.  

Yes, we recommend shaving the treatment area prior to using your MAYA IPL handset.  

Should you need to use any other hair removal method between treatments we only recommend shaving. It is not recommended to use waxing, plucking, or epilating while under an IPL treatment as these hair removal methods remove the entire root. An IPL is only effective in the presence of the root.  

The MAYA IPL has a long life of 999,990 flashes which is more than enough for most effective treatments and maintenance. No replacements of cartridges or LEDS are needed.  

It is not recommended for the MAYA IPL to be used over very dark freckles or moles.  

 An IPL should not be used over tattoos.  

It is recommended to wait 2 weeks after a tanning session to start an IPL treatment using your handset. Similarly, wait 48 hours after an IPL treatment using your handset to tan.  

1 IPL Treatment per week at minimum. Remember consistency is 🔑 

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